Driving In Heels

Driving In Heels - Pedal Pumping

The hottest girls driving the most exotic cars in their sexiest high heels.

Like fast cars, fast women and high heels? Then you're going to be very excited to see this Pedal Pumping Video. There you will find the most beautiful women pumping the pedals of the most exotic cars in the most expensive high heels. For example, Ferrari pedal pumping in Dolce & Gabbana high heels. Next stop is the Pedal Pumping Page on Abused Shoes where you will find girls pumping the pedals of Hummers and other high end vehicles in dirty high heels. How better to abuse your expensive high heels than to go off roading in a Hummer and get stuck in the mud? Of course if you prefer the high end imported cars with custom wheels and tuning accessories, you will also find sexy girls pedal pumping Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mercedes, Porsches, BMW's and other exotic cars on this website. You'll also find links to the import tuners and import models of the import car show scene. Exotic cars and customized motorcycles may not be for everyone but if they are for you, Exotic Car Girls will surely be one of your favorites. Just a car website template we are testing.

You'll want to stop by the Pedal Pumping Forum and chat with other fans of exotic cars, pedal pumping, and high heels. There you'll find not only fans but also the models who adorn these fine automobiles and the designer high heels which adorn their feet. For example, Alesis Kay Lee is a regular at the forum and she would love to hear from you. Alexis loves high heels, getting wet, and exotic cars as you can see from her website and blog. She has many free photos to show you.